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Task App overview

In this App you can find all your tasks and order them in many different ways. You get these tasks when you are part of an automated workflow. The administrator can give you access rights to create or use workflows.

Task App overview

App Menu

The tasks are pre-ordered in 4 different folders (Assigned to me / Created by me / All tasks / Workflow audits). If you select one of these folders, the App Content will show all tasks of that type.

In the workflow audits part you can search through all the workflows on Date, Workflows, Folders and actors.

App Content

If you select a pre-ordered task folder in the App Menu, in the App Content all the tasks of this folder are shown. Above the App Content you can select a period.

Task App actions

Above the App content there is only one action: Download list. Once you've clicked on this action your browser will start to download the list that is shown in the App Content.