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Structure App overview

The Structure App is a powerful document management tool. It shows al the folders and sub folders (See The basics > Introducing Bricsys 24/7) of the project and all its objects. Because the Structure App contains all folders of the project, this App is the most important and most frequently used App on Bricsys 24/7.

Structure App overview

App Menu: Project tree

The Project Tree

The Project Tree (structure of the project) shows in the App Menu of this app. The Project Tree is composed of all folders and subfolders and is set up by the administrators.

Folder types

There are 9 different folder types and each folder type has its own object type, actions and functionalities. These folder types are related to an App and can also be found in this related App (Folder-type / Objects / Related App).

Document folderDocument folder / Documents / Structure App

Addressbook folderAddressbook folder / Addressbooks / Addressbook App

WorkflowWorkflow folder / Workflows / Workflow App

Messages folderMessages folder / Messages/mails / Messages App

Calendar folderCalendar folder / Events / Calendar App

Form folderForms folder / Forms / Forms App

Link folderLink folder / Url-links / Links App

Forum folderForum folder / Threads and posts / Forum App

BinderBinder / All kinds / No related App

App Content

If you select a folder in the App Menu, the App Content shows the objects in the selected folder. Because there are different folder types in the project tree (See The App Menu), the App Content will adapt to the selected folder type. The main folder type of the Structure App is the Document folder.

For example: The App Content of a document folder (containing documents) will be different from the App Content of an Addressbook folder (containing contacts)

App Content: Document folder

In the App Content of a Document folder you see the details and information of the documents in the folder you selected in the App Menu.

Except for the items in the document inspector and the document icon, you can sort your documents on all this information.


Click one or multiple checkboxes to select a documents.

Document icon

Click the document icon to open the viewer (See Document viewer).

The document name

Click the document name to open a preview of the document (See Document viewer)

The document status
The document inspector

BindersIs the document added to a binder

RevisionsHow many revisions were made

AnnotationsHow many annotations were added

NotesHow many notes were added

WorkflowsHow many workflows were attached.

ShareHow many times has this document been shared

LinkTo how many other documents is this document linked

If you hover over the fields in the document inspector, more information will appear.If you click this information, you will jump immediately to the linked information.

Sometimes there is a colored line underneath the number of workflows. When this line is green, it means that the workflow is finished. When the line is red, it means that there is a task assigned to you. When there is no line, it means that the workflow is busy but you do not have to do anything.

App Content: Other Folder types

The App Contents of other folder types will be explained in the related applications of the folder (See App Menu). For example the App Content of a calendar folder will be explained in the help page of the Calendar App.

Structure App Actions

All the actions in the App Content are stored in two locations. They can be found on top of the App Content or in the Hover Bar (See Basics > Bricsys 24/7 Overview > Actions). Here is an overview of all actions you can do on documents.

The actions on other objects than Documents, will be explained in the related applications of the folder (See Structure App > App Menu)


Download the document.

Download and lockDownload and lock

Download the document and lock it to prevent it being edited by other users.

Do not use this feature if you only want to download the document.


Click or drag and drop to upload a document.

  1. Fill in the status of your document
  2. Optionally add Description
  3. Optionally add other information if it is required. This information is meta data and is structured by an administrator of the project (See Form App).

Apply to allIf you are uploading multiple files with the same status you can click this icon to fill in all document statuses

Add RevisionUpload revision

You can add a revision using this action. Select the file you want to add as a revision, either by clicking or by dragging and drop it in the upload area.

Optionally: A. Change original document name to:.... B. Replace last revision (overwrite the last revision)

EditEdit document details

CopyCopy document

MoveMove document

Add Binder.pngAdd document to binder

With this action you can add a document to a binder (See The Structure App > Binder).

Optionally add revision and select a specific revision to a binder. If you do not select a revision you will always see the latest version in the binder.

Print the document or information about the document to a Pdf-File. Specify the content of your PDF-file: Document details, Document Content, Binders, Revisions, Notes, Links, Shares, Workflows, Annotations.

Print to PDF


When you delete a document it will be stored in the recycle bin. Only the administrator can delete it definitively.

You can't delete a document and upload a document with the same name (because the deleted document is stored in the recycle bin)

Add noteAdd note

Adds a note to a document and optionally define if the note is private or public.

Send notificationSend a notification

Sends a notification about the document with a comment and select the Bricsys 24/7 users to send a notification to.

Attach WorkflowAttach workflow

Attach a workflow to a document (See Workflow App).

Add FormAdd form

Adds pre-structured information to a document (See Forms App).

Links the document to another document in your project. When the document is linked you can see it in the document-inspector (See Structure App > App Content) and in the preview of the document (See Preview).


Shares your document with people who aren't on the project by creating a URL and send it to them. After you did this action everybody can open the document in the viewer (without them having to login on the project) by going to the URL you created.

You can always turn off the sharing action (with the same action). After you turned off the sharing, the URL link will not work anymore.Watch out: If you re-share (Turn share on > Turn share off > Turn share on) another URL will be generated, different from the old UR you generated the first time.

QR-codeMake QR Code

If someone (who is on the project and who has access rights to the document) scans the QR-code, he will go to the related action or information of the QR code at once.

You can make 3 different QR Codes.

  • One for document details.
  • One for viewing the document.
  • One for downloading the document.

Send folder notificationSend folder notification

Sends a notification about the folder with a comment and select the Bricsys 24/7 users with access to the document whom you want to send the notification to.

This notification is about the folder not about the object. If you want to send a notification about the object select send notification instead of send folder notification.

Document Preview

If you click the name of the document in the App Content, a window will pop up with a preview and more detailed information about the document.

Document Preview


These actions are the same actions as mentioned in Structure App Actions.


If you click this preview the viewer will popup (See Structure App > Document Viewer).

Document Details

  • Uploaded by.
  • Date and time of upload.
  • Description of document
  • Status and size of document

Document LocationLocation

What is the location of the document in the project and to which binders this document has been added (See Structure App > Binder).

RevisionRevision information

  • Who added the revisions?
  • When were the revisions added?
  • Hover Bar: See, download or print revision.

AnnotationAnnotations (see Viewer)

  • How many annotations are there on the document?
  • Who added the annotations?
  • When were the annotations added?

NoteNotes (see Structure App > Actions)

  • How many notes are there on the document?
  • Who added the notes?
  • When were the notes added?

WorkflowWorkflow information (see Workflow App)

  • Has a workflow been attached to a document?
  • Is the workflow still active or has it been finished?
  • Do you have a task in this workflow?

ShareSharing information (see Structure App > Actions)

  • Is the document shared?
  • Who shared the document?
  • When was the document shared?
  • To which documents is this document linked?
  • Who linked the documents?
  • When was the document linked?

Folder notificationNotifications (see Structure App > Actions)

  • How many notifications of this document have been sent?
  • Who sent the notifications?
  • When were the notifications sent?
  • See the notifications (click on the name of the notification to open the notification).

Attached FormAttached forms (See Form App)

  • How many forms have there been attached to this document?
  • Which forms were attached?
  • Who attached the forms?
  • When were the forms attached ?
  • View to form (Click on the name of the Form to open the form).

FormMeta Data (See Form App)

  • What are the meta data of the document (See Form App).
  • View meta data in Form viewer (Click on the link next to the Name of the meta data).

Document Viewer

Overview of the Viewer


Bricsys 24/7 gives you the possibility to view or preview your documents immediately. The Bricsys 24/7 viewer supports 70+ document* types. Click on the document icon (in the App Content) or on the preview picture (in the preview) to open the viewer.

* 70+ Documents:

  • Text formats: asm, bat, c, css, cpp, cxx, gene, h, hxx, idh, idl, inl, java, log, lsp, rss, sql, tpl, text, txt, xml.
  • Image formats: bmp, gif, jpg, jpeg, pcx, pgm, pict, png, ppm, tga, tif, tiff, xbm, xpm, xwd, ai , psd.
  • Office formats: doc, docx, dot, dotx, mpp, odf, odg, odp, ods, odt, potx, pps, ppsx, ppt, pptx, rtf, xls, xlsb, xlsx, xlt, xltx, vsd.
  • Cad formats: dwg, dwf, dwfx, dxf, dgn, plt, hp, hpg, hpg.
  • Other: htm, html, pdf, ps, zip.

The viewer contains:

Title bar

  • Download
  • View, zoom or rotate the document
  • Annotations
    • Make annotation
    • Annotation-list
  • Print document.
  • Go to the help page.

Scroll panel

Scroll through the pages of your document or go directly to a page by entering a page.

Current view of the document

Pages (and position of the current view)

Tabs of the document (xcl, dwg,…)

Actions in the Viewer

Download documentDownload

Download the Document

Zoom View, zoom or rotate the document

Zoom or rotate to get a more detailed view of the part of the document you are interested in

Make annotationMake an annotation

Small annotation:
  1. Select the type of annotation
  2. Click on the current view of the document
  3. Fill in small annotation
  4. Save
Big annotation:
  1. Select the type of annotation
  2. Click on the current view of the document
  3. Select more
  4. Fill in title annotation + text + options
  5. Save

View annotations View annotation

  1. Select annotation list
  2. Select an annotation
  3. Jump to the place on the document where the annotation was made

Change tab

Switch to another tab of your document


Binder Overview

Binder Overview

A binder is a folder that groups objects of different types and different locations on the project.The objects you see in the binder carry links to the actual objects that are stored somewhere else in the project.In the binder you will see information about the document.

Document icon

Click the document icon to open the viewer (see Structure App > viewer).

The document name

Click the document name to open a preview of these objects (see Structure App > Document preview).

Uploaded by

You see the name of the user who uploaded the document (but no further details if you do not have the rights).


Upload date of the object.

The status

If the object has a status (like a document) you will see it here


This is the folder where the object actually is stored

Binder Actions

There are a few binder specific actions.

Remove from BinderRemove from binder

Remove the document from the binder

Download List.pngDownload list

Download a list with all the information about the documents in the binder

Add BinderAdd to binder

  1. Go to the object you wish to add to a binder
  2. Select the action “add to binder” for that object
  3. Select binder
  4. Optional for documents. When adding a document you can choose: A. To always show the latest version of the document B.To show a certain revision of the document in the binder
  5. Click add

Other actions

Other actions will change according the kind of object you select. (Document, event, link,...). To know more about a certain action go to the related action description.

DocumentDocuments: See Structure App Actions

MeetingEvents: See Calendar App Actions

MailMessages: See Messages App Actions

ThreadThreads: See Forums App Actions

LinkURL-Links: See Links App Actions

WorkflowWorkflows: See Workflow App Actions