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Messages App overview

Helps you to focus on clean projects communications. Here, you can send messages to other people who are also participating in the project. They will get a mail with a link to the message on Bricsys 24/7.

Messages App overview

App Menu

Here you find all the messages folders to which you have access rights. If you select one of them, the App Content will show all the messages of this particular folder.

App Content

If you select a messages folder in the App Menu, the App Content will split in 2 parts. In the first part you are given a summary of all the messages and in the second part you can watch the full message. 

Messages App actions

All the actions in the App Content are stored above the Content App. Here is an overview of all actions.

New MessageMake new message

DeleteDelete messages

When you delete a message it will be stored in the recycle bin. Only the administrator can delete it definitively.


Add Binder.pngAdd to binder

See The Project App > Binder

Add noteAdd note

Send notificationSend notification

Attach WorkflowAttach workflow


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