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Dashboard Overview


The dashboard App is the central hub that monitors all project related activities for you. If you Log in on Bricsys 24/7 (or enter a project in the project list) you will enter this App immediately. The dashboard App displays:

Project DetailsProject Details

Project details can be edited by an administrator and shows the details of the project.

Recent DocumentsRecent Documents

Gives an overview of all recent actions on documents: added, moved, copied, annotated, ...

Upcoming EventUpcoming Events

Lists the upcoming events in the coming week, as registered in the calendar

Recent messagesRecent-Messages

Lists recent messages and notes added to documents, calendar events and mails.


Lists tasks and workflows. A task or a workflow is listed if:

  • The task or workflow activity is assigned to you.
  • The task begins and/or must be completed within the next 7 days.
  • The task is not completed, on hold or postponed and the end date has expired.


The activity-stream gives a chronological view of the project activities.

You can click the arrow (next to the activity icon) to hide the activity stream.