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Addressbook App overview

In this App you can watch all the contacts and the information you are allowed to see. If you have the rights, you can manage the project contacts and organize all project contacts in different Addressbooks.

Addressbook App overview

App Menu

Here you find all the Addressbook folders to which you have access rights If you select one of them, the App Content will show all the contacts and companies of that particular Addressbook.

App Content

If you select an Addressbook in the App Menu the App Content will show the contacts and companies of this addressbook. Above the App Content there is an Actions menu at the left and a Views menu at the right.

Addressbook App actions

All the actions in this App are above the App Content.

Add ContactAdd contact

Import contact from other project.
  1. Fill in name of the contact
  2. Select contact
  3. Add Contact
Create new contact.
  1. Fill in Contact details
  2. Add contact

Add Organisation Add organisation

Import organisation from other project.
  1. Fill in name of the organisation
  2. Select organisation
  3. Add organisation
Create new organisation.
  1. Fill in organisation details
  2. Add organisation

EditEdit Contact

CopyCopy contact/organisation

MoveMove contact/organisation

DeleteDelete contact/organisation

When you delete a contact/organisation it will be stored in the recycle bin. Only the administrator can delete it definitively.

You can't delete a contact and upload a contact with the same name & email address (because the deleted contact is stored in the recycle bin)

Download vCARDDownload vCard

Download all (selected) contacts in vCard format

Download ListDownload List

Download a list with all (selected) contacts and/or companies

Create a Pdf with all (selected) Contacts and organisations