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Introducing Bricsys 24/7

To understand how Bricsys 24/7 works you have to know:

  • There are 2 types of users
  • Users can have different roles
  • Every role has its own access rights
  • There are folders and objects
  • There are Enterprise customers and Project customers

Bricsys 24/7 requires a recent browser: Chrome, Firefox, Safari 7 or higher, Internet Explorer 9 (limited functionality) or higher.

User Types

The main administrator

The main administrator is created by Bricsys 24/7 and is unique per company. He/she is the first member of the project and is also a member of the administrator role (See Roles and Access-rights > Administrator Role).

Standard user

A standard user is a member of one or more roles. Standard users can be member of several roles in the same project.

Roles and access rights

AdminAdministrator role

The project administrator is a member of the administrator role. He provides the project details, sets up the folder structure, defines users, roles and access rights and generally manages the day-to-day operations of the project platform. An administrator can invite an unlimited number of users.

The main admin can invite one or more people to the administrator role. Now the administrator(s) can help the main admin to set up and manage the project.


A member of the administrator role can create different roles (with different access rights) and add users to these roles.

Folder AccessAccess Rights

When a user is a member of a role he/she gets the access rights of this role in the project. In case of a membership of several roles, the rights of the user are the sum of the rights of these roles. You can only see or do things according to the rights of the roles you are a member of.

Folders / Objects


A project consists of a tree structure with different folders. Only the folders you have access to, according to the rights of the roles you are a member of, are visible in the folder structure. There are 9 folder types and they all have their own functionality (See Structure App).


A folder consists of objects. These objects are the “files” of the folder. Each folder type has its own objects (See Structure App).

Enterprise customer / Project customer

Project Customer

The company decided to have one project only. The main administrator cannot create another project.

Enterprise Customer

An enterprise customer is a company which can create multiple projects. Only the main administrator of this company has the rights to create new projects.



When you log in on Bricsys 24/7, and you have access to one project only, you immediately enter this project. If you have access to multiple projects you will see the project list (See Project List).

The project administrator sends you your login name and password.

Project List

Project List

A. Search all your projects

B. Enter a project

C. Delete a project

Only a main administrator of an enterprise customer can do this

  1. Select the project and choose Delete in the dropdown list.
  2. The project name is greyed out (Soft deleted).
  3. Select the project again and choose Delete in the dropdown list.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. The project is definitively deleted.

Set the project size limit (main administrator of an enterprise customer only).

Edit Profile

Click on the profile picture/avatar in the top-left corner of the Bricsys 24/7 screen. Here you can edit your profile settings.

If you cannot edit this information, it means that the administrator did not give you the rights to edit your profile.

A. Edit personal details

Edit or fill in your personal details, avatar, address and/or contact details (See Edit profile movie).

B. Change your password.

See Edit profile movie.

C. Choose your interface language.

See Edit profile movie.

D. Stop task notifications

If you do not want to get an e-mail notification for new tasks.

E. Send me a daily overview

If you want a daily mail with all your notifications.

F. Folder subscription overview

When you subscribe to a folder, you will get a notification mail when something changes (upload, revision, …) in this folder (See Edit profile movie).

G. Merge your account

Merge your current Bricsys 24/7 account with another Bricsys 24/7 account.

Bricsys 24/7 Overview

In this part of the Bricsys 24/7 help you find the default layout and grouping of the functionalities on Bricsys 24/7. Bricsys 24/7 contains a Project Bar(1), an App Bar (2), an App Menu (3) and an App Content (4) with Actions (5) and Views (6).


1. The Project Bar

On top of the Bricsys 24/7 screen sits the Project Bar with basic information and basic actions.

ProfileWatch or edit profile

See Edit profile.

Project ListJump to the project list

See Project List.

Current LocationCurrent Location on the project

SearchSearch in the project

Optional: Advanced search

  • Search Documents
  • Search Messages
  • Search Meta data (See Form App)

LanguageSelect language

If you want Bricsys 24/7 to remember your default language (See Edit profile).

HelpHelp page

Go directly to the help page.

Log outLog out

2. App Bar

On the left side of the Bricsys 24/7 screen there is a vertical bar: the App Bar. In the App Bar you can jump directly to the functionality you need. There are 12 different Apps, but you only see the Apps according to your access rights (See Introducing Bricsys 24/7).

DashboardThe Dashboard App

This is your central hub that monitors all your project related activities.

Structure AppThe Structure App

This is a powerful document management tool. Here you find a comprehensive overview with the statuses and details of all objects in the project. This App is the core of the project and displays all project folders in a tree structure.

Addressbook AppThe Addressbook App

Allows you to manage all your project contacts

Calendar AppThe Calendar App

Allows a user to manage, track and lock all events and meetings.

Task AppThe Task App

Allows a user to find all his tasks and sort them in multiple ways.

Messages AppThe Messages App

Helps a user to focus on clean projects communications. Here you can send messages (mail) to other people in the project.

Forum AppThe Forums App

This is the place to discuss various subjects with other project participants.

This is a place to share and view URL-links.

Workflow AppThe Workflow App

Allows you to design and edit workflows using an intuitive drag and drop editor.

Form AppThe Forms App

Allows you to build forms using a simple drag and drop system (Enterprise customer only).

Report AppThe Report App

Allows you to define reports from your forms and automatically generate them at regular intervals (Enterprise customer only).

Administration AppAdministration App

Allows you to manage the project (Administration role only).

3. App Menu

The App Menu shows the name of the App you selected (in the App Bar) and its related folders and options. Except for the dashboard App, all Apps have an App Menu. If you click on the arrow next to the App Name, a dropdown list with the App Menu actions will Appear. Some actions will be disabled if you have insufficient rights or if the actions are currently not possible for you.

ExpandExpand folders

Expands all folders in the App Menu.

DownloadCollapse folders

Collapses all folders in the App Menu.

Show hideShow/hide empty folders

RefreshRefresh folder

InfoView or extract Project info

Displays a list of all folders in the App Menu with their content and size. The Download List option allows to export this list to an Excel file.

4. App Content

The objects in the selected folder are displayed here. Because there are different Apps (See App Bar), the App Content will adapt according to the selected App. On top of the App Content, you find Actions and a Views. Except for the Dashboard App all Apps will have an App Content with Actions and Views.

5. Actions

All the actions in the App Content are stored in two different bars. The actions in these menus adapt according to the App, access rights and/or the folders/objects you selected. You will only see the actions that are currently possible for you. According to the number of the selected objects, you can choose which bar you want to use.

If you do not see all the actions that are explained in the different Apps, it means you have insufficient rights for these actions (See Introducing Bricsys 24/7). To see which rights you have, see Bricsys 24/7 Overview > Views.

A. Actions on a single object

Actions on top of the App Content

Click the checkbox of the object and select an action.

Hover Bar

Hover over the object and select the action

B. Actions on multiple objects

Actions on top of the App Content

Click the checkboxes of the objects and select an action.

For most Apps there is a main action, a secondary action and a dropdown-list with additional actions.


In the top right corner of the App Content you can change the view of the App content. The Views adapt according to the App and folder you selected. Furthermore you can also filter or view information about your rights here.

Thumb viewsChange view

Select the view of the App Content.


Filter the objects in the App Contents.

The filter Applies to the current folder only. This is different from the search function in the Title bar, where you can search the whole project.


A. Rights

Viewing RightsViewing rights

PrintPrinting rights

DownloadDownloading rights

Add FileAdd file rights

Add RevisionAdd revision rights

AnnotationAdd annotation rights

EditEdit file rights

DeleteDelete file rights

B. Access

No accessNo access

Own accessAccess own: Rights to objects that you created or uploaded in the folder

All accessAccess all: Rights to all objects in the folder.

C. Roles with access

If you have the rights to see them.

D. Users with access

If you have the rights to see them.

E. Content of the folder